​​​​​​COSTS:  Based on per CALENDAR day  - CHECK OUT is by 10am.  

                  After this you will be charged for an extra day.

                  Boarding charges include day of arrival. 

                                                                             i.e.  Friday (drop off), Saturday & Sunday pm - (p/u) = $75

Out of Hours & Late fees applied. 

WEEK-END Price - $50 Saturday am to Sunday pm only. (Fixed price - Off Peak)  - all prices incl GST

  •  Price:        $25 / dog / calendar day - OFF PEAK

  •  Price:        $30 / dog / calendar day - PEAK


                          Christmas: 15th Dec - 15th Jan  

                          Easter: Thursday through to including Monday. 

DOGGIE DAYCARE - $25/day (Bookings essential)


​                               Hydrobath - $25                    - Nail Trimming -  $15.50 - $18.00

​                            - Pick up & Deliver home (round trip) - $20 -

                            - 1-way pick up or drop off - $12.50     Chinchilla area ONLY

                            - Dog Biscuits - $5.50/dog/up to med (<15kgs) - $10/dog/ Med - Large breed

​                            - Worming - Allwormer - $15 per 10kgs tablet or $25 per 20kgs Tablet

                            - Grooming by appointment only. Cost depends on condition of coat. 

THE DEN:       -Fun, & Educational Toys

​                           - Martingales, K-9 Bridle, Collars, Canny Collars, Collars & Lead.

                           - Walking Leads, Recall Leads

                           - Treat Pouches, clickers & Aussie Dog Toys, Muzzles etc

                           - Sasha's Blend, Ear Flushes, Shampoos & Conditioners

                           - Pools, floating toys.

                           - Aussie Dog Toys & Kongs

                           - Gifts

Need something else, Just ask us???


Boarding Payment:  A deposit of 50% or $25 (non-refundable) must be paid at the time of ALL PEAK bookings to secure your pet's place. The balance to be PAID AT TIME OF ARRIVAL.

VIP:  As a courtesy please let us know if you are going to be late or if you need to cancel. 

No Refundwill be given if you decide to pick your dog up earlier than the date on your booking form or you change your mind.  Change of dates will not be refunded. 

At time of booking if you choose to pay via Direct Deposit, bank details will be made available.

For your convenience eftpos is available. 

Cancellations up to 25 days prior to arrival will be refunded by written request only. You will be charged $30 cancellation fee (non-refundable). Within 7 days prior to arrival there is no refund.

Your booking form is a legal document and is a binding contract between the owner's of the dog/s and Chinchilla Boarding Kennels. (You can read the full T&C on our website)

We Accept:  ​Cash, Eftpos Visa, Mastercard & (Direct Deposit via prior arrangement only).

CONDITION OF BOARDING ENTRY:  *** Current C5 Vaccination Certificate.

All dogs must be treated with a fleas & tick treatment prior to entry. Failure to do so may cause cancellation and loss of deposit. Chinchilla Boarding Kennel refuses to take responsibility for fleas & ticks, however every possible precaution is taken.

All dogs should be wormed prior to admission, date and name of product to be completed on booking form. If we feel your dog needs treatment we will carry this out on your behalf and you will be billed for it.


    Required before your dog will be checked in to kennels.    

    NO current C5  - NO entry - NO exceptions
  2. Your dog's own biscuits. (We like to give your pet something that is familiar to them & also by keeping there main diet to something they are used to your pet doesn't get an upset stomach. (Other foods, meats, chicken neck, thighs, wings, dental sticks, smackos, chews, treats will be provided by us)
  3. ​If your dog requires special dietary needs please discuss when making booking.
  4. Any application printed out and brought with you confirming your booking.
  5. Any medication your dog requires while they are staying with us, including heartworm. (Must be labeled clearly with dog's name and dosage requirements.
  6. Any Special toy your pet just can't live without. (Make sure they have a name on them)
  7. All dogs must be on a lead when leaving your vehicle to enter the kennels. (Please do not let your dog just jump out of your car without a lead on). 
  8. If you need assistant when you arrive please let us know prior to you arriving.

MEDICAL:  If you know or suspect that your dog/s has been around other contagious dogs or surroundings please advise us asap. (This will save any upset on your arrival due to refusal of entry).  If you have any suspicion that your dog/s may have come into contact with any contagious disease, a Vet clearance in writing will be required. As we have other dogs boarding with us, we have to consider the well being of all dog/s.  

So as to keep the well being of everyone's pets calm and relaxed no dog will be able to be picked up after 6pm. 

Chinchilla Boarding Kennels & Wagging Tails Dog Training:   Terms & Conditions are available for you to read and must be signed at the bottom of your application for boarding / training that you are in accord. You can find the terms & conditions on this website or please ask us if you wish to read a copy.  By leaving your pets with us you have agreed and understood these terms and condition and therefore waiver any rights you may have against the owners, licencees, staff, family, visitor or property. 

Puppy Pre-School - $280.00 Chinchilla / $380.00 Dalby
​Pet Dog Manners - $500.00 Chinchilla / $600.00 Dalby
Single Consultation: $85.00 Chinchilla / $110.00 Dalby


Chinchilla  boarding  kennels

​​OPENING HOURS:   Drop Off & Pick Up Times

Monday - Friday : 7.00am - 10.30am          /       3.30pm - 6pm

Saturday : 8am - 10.30am                        Sunday 3.30pm - 6pm

OUTSIDE of these times via prior arrangement only

Out of hours fee will apply. 


CLOSED - NO Pick Ups or Departures on: CHRISTMAS DAY,   NEW YEARS DAY,




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