Your EMERGENCY CONTACTshould be some one who in your absence can made a decision based on your wishes.  This person must be contactable in case we can't contact you.   PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD PHONE NUMBER.  

Crossing Over theRainbow BridgePlease consider carefully. This is an emotional time for all and we only want to do the right thing with respect & dignity. 

Riverdell B&B : Need accommodation while you are traveling with your dog. Relax and enjoy the clean friendly service, while your dog is enjoying his/her holiday at Wagging Tails Chinchilla Boarding Kennels. You can stay close by but relax at the B&B knowing that your pet is well taken care of.    For booking call 0405 443950.

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WTDT -CBK has the right to refuse your dog/s without giving a reason.


TERMS & CONDITIONS SUMMARY:  Your dog's well-being is our first priority and we take this very seriously. The owner/s understand and agrees that while all care is taken when their dog/s are staying here accidents and other things unforeseen can happen as dogs play ruff with each other sometimes or climb, dig out etc.  After all, dog's do have a mind of there own.  As the owner of the animal, I assume total responsibility for my dog's behaviour and any actions that may occur during my dog's stay while on the grounds or in care at Wagging Tails Dog Training & Chinchilla Boarding Kennels. We accept and acknowledge this as the owners and therefore we agree to waive and release Wagging Tails Dog Training & Chinchilla Boarding Kennels of any wrong doing while being on the property or boarding our dogs with them.

I/We understand that it is entirely at our own risk and I will not hold the proprietors, family, staff, invitees, other animals or property accountable for any loss, death, injury, snake bites or other, illness, escape, accident or damage to my dog/s or his belongs that may occur while using Wagging Tails Dog Training & Chinchilla Boarding Kennels and the surrounding area. Your animals come first and once here they become part of our family. If the unthinkable was to happen, we will try and contact you or your emergency contact person for instructions on how to proceed.  (Please bear in mind that we understand your sorrow, as we too will be grieving and emotions will be running high).  

On delivery I agree to pay the amount owing without fuss and will continue to pay any extras as they occur. I also agree that I will pay for the total number of days I have put down irrespective whether I choose to pick up my dog earlier than the departure date on this form during PEAK times. 

WTDT/CBK Refund Policy - Leading up to a PEAK PERIOD you will get a percentage of deposit returned. However no refund will be given less than 25 days out from your booking & DEFINATELY NO REFUND will be given for early pickups.

NOTE: If payment is not received or your payments are overdue you give us no choice but to surrender your dog to the pound without notifying you. (We will only hold your dog for max of 7 days without receiving payment or without an end date or correspondence stating further instructions. You must pay any and all outstanding money before you can take ownership of your dog).

You will be asked on arrival to sign the T&C in its entirety each year, stating that you have read and understood and agree to all the information provided.  If you would like to read the full disclosure of our T&C please click here.  Our policies and T&C are living documents and are subject to change without notification. 



Thank you for choosing to stay at Chinchilla Boarding kennels.  We will confirm youR booking shortly.

391 Horswoods Road, Chinchilla, qld 4413 AUS. 

Mobile:     0429 098 686


KENNEL OPENNING  HOURS - Arrival & Departure

MONDAY TO FRIDAY:    7AM to 10.30AM                                                                        3.30PM to 6PM

SATURDAY:   8.00AM to 10.30AM

SUNDAY:        3.30PM to 6.00PM


Outside of hours BY Appointment ONLY.  Fees will apply. 

CLOSED TO PUBLIC:Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday & New Years Day. 

WEEK-END Charged Price - $50  - GST incl. (Off Peak)             

Saturday 8am to Sunday 6pm

              if you arrive Friday fr 3.30, depart Sunday 5pm = $75

OUTSIDE Opening Hrs: EXTRA charge (an out of hours) fee - $25.

MORNING Departures: BY 10AM.  

 Price:        $25 / dog / calendar day - OFF PEAK
 Price:        $30 / dog / calendar day - PEAK


Outside of opening hours you will be charged at the going rate for that day. If unsure please contact us.



On the Dalby side of Chinchilla 8kms from Post Office. Just look for the Blue & White Sign next to the railway crossing. Follow the Warrego Highway as if you are going to Dalby.  You will pass Dawson Gate Rd on left, stay on the Warrego.  About 5kms down the road you will see our sign on the left pointing over the railway line. Turn here and follow the signs.